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Stop managing Discord memberships yourself!

Keeping track of your members, their payments and subscription status manually is laborious and a waste of time.

Discord provides no way to charge for memberships

If you want to run a paid Discord server and let users pay a monthly membership fee, you have to keep track of everyone’s payments every month and remember to assign the appropriate roles yourself. Which is tedious and error-prone.

Automating the process is no easy task

You could hire a team of developers who charge exorbitant fees and take forever to solve the problem. But that is a waste of your valuable time and resources, which could be used to improve your service.

A single mistake can cost you a fortune

Processing subscriptions manually is not only very laborous but also prone to error. You might forget to remove a user’s member role after they cancel their subscription or forget to pay or you might forget to provision a new member’s subscription after they’ve paid you. If this happens at scale, you get angry customers and lose precious revenue.

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Premify automates the whole process for you

It processes recurring payments via Credit Card and provisions thousands of subscriptions instantly.

Premify allows you to sell memberships effortlessly

It processes payments via Stripe and makes use of a Discord bot to provision subscriptions by assigning a role to each subscriber, which you can freely configure on your server. You receive daily payouts to your bank account through your linked Stripe account.

The fastest way to get started selling memberships

Premify sets you up with a fully customizable invite page that you can share with your members within minutes, so you can start making money today!

Switching to Premify is simple

Sign in with Discord, select your server and connect with Stripe. You’re now ready to share the invite link with your members and accept payments via Credit Card.

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Analytics Dashboard

"You can't improve what you can't measure."

Our analytics dashboard gives you everything you need to keep track of your monthly revenue and conversion numbers, so you can take action and immediately see the results.

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Custom Invite Page

Use your custom invite page to create an awesome pitch that converts every prospect who comes across it. Configure up to 3 subscription tiers and maximize your conversion rate. All of our invite pages are swiftly indexed by Google, which allows new users to find you easily through a simple search.

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